Saturday, November 29, 2008

Brain Dead Luddite Index Chart of RNC Chairman Contenders

This idea evolved from an idea of @michaelpleahy's about the tech savvy of the men who have decided to run for chairman of the RNC. It originally started as a blog post here which I was editing, however it seems a better idea to do a separate post daily. This will also allow for additional aspects of technological experience and inclination to be discussed. Hopefully this proves useful to the party and those making this critical decision. The original post:
This is the rough first version of the chart, showing how the candidates compare in tech areas. Please note that I did not find a facebook page for Chip Saltsman, and I could not get the friend count for Katon Dawson, since his page is private and I am waiting on a friend confirmation. I found a blog for Saul Anuzis, and Michael Steele has a couple posts on a blog on his campaign page. I did not locate blogs for the other two candidates, however, I am planning on revising the information, so if you have information that is pertinent please comment or message me. I am also considering tracking changes in the information over time, although I would prefer this be a representation of the candidates inclination to utilize technology on a regular basis, as opposed to a contest to see who can ignore the most followers on Twitter.

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