Sunday, November 30, 2008

Steele for Chairman website

***Disclaimer***Please keep in mind that this is solely my opinion, based on observations and personal taste. It is merely meant as a guideline to encourage critical thinking.***

Although the candidates are rarely directly responsible for the implementation of their campaign websites, the sites are a reflection on the candidate. The information provided needs to be accessible and well organized, and the site needs to be user friendly. That being said, review number one is of Steele for Chairman.

The home page is not unattractive, but does have a template feel to it. Navigation tabs at the top make it fairly easy to move around, although not necessarily to find what you want. There are some interesting features, like the local radio station look up, that comes with encouragement on how to call and get on the air, as well as a spot to send a text message to the site from your cell phone. Although there is a blog with several updates, they are all from the same day. Also, a nice bio of the candidate, which is good to see, but not much other information on his actual views or goals for the party. Most of the content seems to be clips and links from outside sources. Hidden in the bottom right corner is a small text box with "Quick Links" containing contact and donation information, as well as details on how to get involved. (One of the links, "Join the Fight" is broken, I notified the contact email address about this). This in particular should be made much more prominent. Overall it's not a bad site, it serves it's function of providing basic information on the candidate, but with a little work, it could be greatly improved.

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